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No of holes / hole size

The last type of broad choice available concerns the design type and the constraints the designer faces. The table 1 shows the advantages and disadvantages of the two broad choices the designer has.

Table 1: Constraints imposed by the design type
  Advantages Disadvantages
Two-hole, single-point firing system
(i) higher thermodynamic efficiency poor flexibility in operation
(ii) easier to tend one fire
while cooking two dishes
heavy structure
(iii) saves on cooking time not amenable to conventional
marketing approach
Single pan design
(i) high flexibility to the
operator with two single-
pan stoves
lesser thermodynamic efficiency
(ii) lighter structure  
(iii) easily marketable  

Note that we have omitted to include three and more pan designs. It is the firm opinion of the author that these are likely to appeal to a relatively small segment of the market and a passing aberration in the stove scene. It is hard to suggest clever alternatives to the models proposed in the table. The fairest thing to state with the available experience is: work with both designs and let the user choose. The author sees in most rural areas of developing countries a two pan stove in combination with a single pan wood fired or kerosene stove as the near to medium term future.